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Designing Effective OOH

Lamar's designers share their simple tips for creating effective OOH designs. Keep these basic principles in mind as your creative begins to take shape. Download OOH Design Tips

Keep It Simple

OOH advertisements should be straightforward and to the point. Go with one idea. In many cases, OOH ads are used to help your audience get somewhere or suggest what they should be doing. Tell the truth, and don't sugar coat the message. Resist the urge to pack a lot of information onto a billboard. If you keep the message simple, you'll get a better response. Because our audience is mobile, exposure time is typically four to five seconds. So say it loud and say it clear. But try to say it in seven words or less.

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I don't know about you but I am in my car for approximately 45 minutes each morning on my way to work and about an hour on my home. And I notice bilboards. Now I readily admit I am not normal.

According to the study, billboard viewers make shopping decisions while in the car.
  • 72% of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shop on their way home from work
  • 68% frequently or sometimes make their shopping decisions while in the car
  • 38% make the decision to stop at the store while on their way home
  • 24% say they were motivated to visit a particular store that day because of an outdoor ad message
  • 32% visited the retailer they saw on a billboard later that week
  • 50% reported receiving directional information from a billboard
  • 24% said they have immediately visited a business because of an outdoor ad message

Campaniile de brand building genereaza cresteri

Supporting Your Online Marketing Campaign through Offline Outdoor Advertising

There are many in the advertising arena that believe the online space is the most important advertising medium and is where businesses should focus the majority of their marketing efforts. There is of course substance to this idea as technology continues to develop and online marketing becomes increasingly important. But there are also lots of other opportunities to capture the attention of your audience.

While online marketing certainly has its value, it is not the only place you should be advertising and spending your advertising dollars. Creating an effective marketing campaign requires a balanced mix of multiple mediums and an online marketing campaign is no different. By supporting your online marketing campaign through alternative offline mediums you can increase the effectiveness of that campaign and outdoor advertising presents a great option for accomplishing this


Campaniile de brand building genereaza cresteri

Sales Activation with Out-of-Home advertising

Out-of-Home's ability to be in close or direct proximity to Point of Sale in supermarkets, malls, city centres, inside rail stations or on the way to the airport offers the opportunity to target people in the right location, in the right state of mind.

Brand Building with Out-of-Home advertising

In addition to the highly numerous strategic locations, Out-of-Home offers unique and impactful formats that offer space for creativity and flexibility for ever more appealing brand building campaigns